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SAAT Allergy Protocol

SAAT (Soliman Auricular Allergy Treatment) - Patented

Allergies are some of the most common medical problems encountered in daily practices. They are also some of the most difficult problems to treat and eliminate. The established Western medical treatment for allergies is both cumbersome and risky. 

SAAT (Soliman Auricular Allergy Treatment) is a newly introduced powerful technique that provides the longest relief from allergy symptoms compared to any other acupuncture methods. In clinical practice for several years, this technique offered unprecedented relief from allergies with no recurrence of the allergen treated.

For any particular allergen, the technique involves a one-time insertion of pins in the ear that allows the elimination of the allergic reaction to that particular allergen. The treatment is also likely to eliminate any cross allergies for that particular allergen.

SAAT technique is recommended for the treatment of all types of allergies including environmental allergies, food, medications, and toxins.

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